Top 10 Q&As: The Spirit World


You say we should be in contact with the Spirit World of God, and that other spirits will harm us spiritually and even physically. But isn’t everything God’s world?



When bad things happen in life, is that due to the presence of dark forces?



Why was the name Lucifer, which means light-bringer, given for the satanic power? Where is its scriptural origin?



Is it OK to contact spirits to ask them for help?



What are bodhisattvas?



We know that when we are asleep, often the Spirit World teaches us or communicates with us. Is there any way of remembering these communications? Is there a way of training oneself to be more open to receive them consciously?



Why is it that one feels abandoned by God, that one finds oneself without assistance from the higher spheres, just when one goes through the most difficult times?



May I ask in this connection about Nostradamus who has prophesied some of these events? Isn’t that impossible to do, over 400 to 500 years?



Would you please tell us more about guardian angels?



If some of our dreams are sent to us by the Spirit World in order to teach us a lesson, why then are they so covered by symbolism?


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