What’s What | How to Access Wisdom from the Guide

There are now a number of ways for people to easily access wisdom from the Guide. Here is a brief explanation about what each of these are.


Original Lectures v.3What is the Pathwork®? What is www.pathwork.org?

The Pathwork is a collection of 244 lectures about spiritual self-development that are available for free at www.pathwork.org. These lectures were given monthly by Eva Pierrakos over a period of 22 years.

Every two weeks, a small group of people would gather with Eva who would go into a trance and a wise, caring and articulate being known only as “The Guide” would begin to speak. Along the way, these teachings were given the name Pathwork® by Eva and others.

At the end of most lectures, the Guide took questions from people about the lecture. He also invited people to ask questions about their personal issues and about life in general. In between monthly lectures, Eva also held monthly question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions during which participants could ask even more questions.

Transcripts from fourteen Q&A sessions became part of the main list of lectures because Eva sent them out to her mailing list in place of lectures when she went on vacation. The other 100 have been included on the Pathwork CD and offered for sale in the Pathwork website store.


New-Main_The-Keys_v.9What is the Guide Speaks? What is www.theguidespeaks.org?

I undertook a task to read, sort and clean up all the thousands of Q&As. I arranged them by topic, and then I created this website for all these Q&As, at www.theguidespeaks.org. It includes a Table of Contents of all the topics, with links to each topic using the right sidebar on each page. Or you can select Next Topic at the bottom of each page to read through them.

Throughout the Q&As, whenever a lecture was referenced, I included a link to that lecture.

This is a lot of information—eight books worth!—so in an effort to provide a more manageable-sized bite, I created a“Best Of” collection of the most fascinating Q&As, which creates a beautiful new perspective on spirituality. Asked and answered are hard-hitting questions about religion, Jesus, the Bible, reincarnation, the Spirit World, death, prayer & meditation, God and so much more.


What is the SELF. HELP. Series?

At approximately ten pages each, the 244 lectures create a very large body of material—not to mention all the Q&As. It can be hard to get your arms around it all, even for people who have been studying it for awhile.

In my four years of training to become a Pathwork Helper—which is someone who works with others in applying these teachings to their life—I had the good fortune to be taught by several great teachers who had synthesized these teachings over several decades. In my own years of working with these teachings, I have developed an even deeper understanding of the bigger picture of what the Guide is presenting.

Spilling the Script: An Intense Guide to Self-Knowing is an overview that helps a person see the full scope of the journey on this spiritual path. Healing the Hurt: How to Help Using Spiritual Guidance is summary about how to apply this material in helping others. Doing the Work: Healing our Body, Mind & Spirit by Getting to Know the Self is a broad-brush look at what it really looks like to do this work of healing ourselves through self-knowing.

Spilling the Script is also available in Serbian with the title Obelodanjivanje Scenarija, in Portuguese with the title Desvendando o Roteiro, and in Spanish with the title La revelación del guion de vida. Many Q&As have also been translated into Portuguese and are available at www.theguidespeaks.com.br.


What is Phoenesse? What is www.phoenesse.com?

The wisdom I share is from the Guide, but the words are my own. To avoid copyright confusion (all the information on www.theguidespeaks.org is copyrighted by the Pathwork Foundation), I created a separate website at www.phoenesse.com for sharing my own work. Phoenesse LLC—pronounced finesse—is the name of the business I founded for publishing my books, and is who holds the copyright for each of the books in the Real.Clear. series.


What is the REAL.CLEAR. Series?

The Real.Clear. series of seven books offers a fresh approach to 100 timeless spiritual teachings from the Guide by way of easier-to-read language. Each book is a compilation of lectures I have rewritten using a bit of levity—it’s the Guide’s wisdom in my own words. Hopefully this will aid in the digestion of these deep truths; as Mary Poppins put it, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” You can also read an overview of the teachings presented in the Real.Clear. books: Understanding the Teachings.

What is HOLY MOLY (Book One)?

Fascinating teachings about our journey out of darkness, including explanations about the Fall and Plan of Salvation.(Also available in Portuguese.)

What is FINDING GOLD (Book Two)?

Enlightening teachings about the journey to finding ourselves.

What is BIBLE ME THIS (Book Three)?

Answers to questions asked about the meaning of various Bible stories and verses. (Also available in Portuguese.)

What is THE PULL (Book Four)?

Valuable teachings about the power and importance of relationships.

What is PEARLS (Book Five)?

17 stand-alone teachings offering wisdom you can use everyday.

What is GEMS (Book Six)?

16 spiritual teachings delivering rich, profound insights.

What is BONES (Book Seven)?

19 core teachings that are the foundation for doing this work of healing.


And that, friends, is what’s what.

—Jill Loree


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