“May all of you find here or there a helpful hint to shed light on your struggle to understand your life in relationship to the universe.” – Pathwork® Guide, Q&A #132

Here are fascinating answers to a deep and wide variety of life-related questions that were asked of a spirit being known only as the Guide, and spoken by Eva Pierrakos. Included are questions related to Pathwork lectures, personal problems, or understanding life in general.

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What’s What | How to Access Wisdom from the Guide

There are now a number of ways for people to easily access wisdom from the Guide. Here is a brief explanation about what each of these are.   What is the Pathwork®? What is www.pathwork.org? The Pathwork is a collection of 244 lectures about spiritual self-development that are available for free at www.pathwork.org. These lectures were given monthly by Eva Pierrakos over a…